Block Walls

This is California and Masonry is always cracking, shifting or braking. Shafran specializes in Block and Retaining wall Construction.  There are many aspects about building a walls:  City scope, Building and Safety, soil type, moisture content in soil, slope, slump of soil, size of footing and foundation and Block and rebar size.


Block walls are the best way to minimize noise penetration to property.  Shafran can construct a solid Block or Retaining wall for your property.


Scope of work:  Demolish existing wall or fence, haul away debris with garbage container, dig a trench, approximately (2′ wide x 3′ deep), remove and haul away debris.  Form area using wood 2’x4’s and bender boards, place adobe blocks for rebar to sit on,  install # 4 rebar 1/2” in diameter, pour 2500 – 3000 PSI Concrete mix, install first row of blocks, wait until it cures and install the rest of the Block wall, finish wall with a cap and grout all the cinder block cells.  Clean and pressure wash area and call it a day.


Most commonly used Blocks:  Cider Block, Gray Block & Slump stone Blocks.


Call Shafran Construction for your next masonry project.


Is it time to repair those unsightly concrete cracks and gaps in your concrete driveway or backyard patio deck?


A freshly poured concrete driveway or walkway can surly enhance the look of your home.  With years of experience, Shafran Construction can come out to your residence and address all your questions and concerns.


Cracks in concrete are most often caused due to moisture content that builds underneath the concrete slab, pushing the aggregate below and in turn pressing against the concrete until it buckles.  Ground shifting and settling is also one of the major causes that effect the stability of a concrete slab. Lastly, tree roots and vegetation also plays a key role in raising foundational floors and slabs.   



Concrete on grade is poured with a minimal PSI of 2500 (Concrete Strength) and a combination of rebar ties that range from # 3 3/8” – # 4 1/2”, all concrete is consolidated, floated and finished off with a specialized texture.

Shafran Construction is ready to answer any questions that you may have, feel free to contact us at 818-735-0509 or fill out an online application and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.




Beautiful crafted wooden decks can make an impression on any side or back yard.

All decks are unique and should be constructed according to the home owner’s desires and specifications.

Shafran Construction has a vast knowledge in crafting decks, whether you’re in the market for a deck or a:  Deck on grade, Slab deck, Elevated deck, Hill top extension deck, Pylon reinforced deck, Spiral deck, Trex deck or custom deck designs, Shafran can construct a deck that is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.


Wood Decks:

Standard decks are crafted from support wooden beam post & wood surfaces.  Most wooden decks are constructed with wooden support beams and wood plank surfaces. Great looking decks can be crafted from:  Red wood, Maple, Pine or most commonly Douglas Fir slats.

Wood Repair

There are many reasons why wood can deteriorate:  Moisture content, bad construction, shifting, rust in nails or screws, open striations in the wood, dry rot or termites.

Shafran Construction has helped home owners identify bad sections of lumber and  had advised many home owners to remove rotten dry rot and termite infested sections.

Whether the damaged wood section is on your wood beams, fascia, headers, support beams, eves, moldings, window seal or any other area, Shafran can identify the rotten section and help.


Bathroom Remodeling


Real Estate agents say that the most important room in one’s house is the Bathroom. Is it time to upgrade your bathroom?

With a great design and workmanship, any bathroom can become a more enjoyable element of the home.

There are many ways that Shafran can renovate and remodel you bathroom: New tile floors, stand up shower, upgrade your vanity or completely renovate the restroom.

Shafran only uses the highest grades of finish material in bathrooms, such as Granite, Marble, Onex, Veneer tile and stone, specialty plumbing designs and installations, custom molding and paint and much much more.

Shafran had remodeled and renovated over 800 bathrooms and washrooms since the 1980’s, we’ve formed great relationships with designs and home owners alike.  Take a step in the right direction and call Shafran today for your next Bathroom remodeling project.


Is it time to upgrade your electrical panel?

Shafran Construction had been a licensed electrical contractor for over 20 years, with a changing industry, we’ve kept in tune with all the newest and most affective electrical innovations.  If you are looking to upgrade your electrical panel with a newly installed panel, we can help, or you’re just looking to upgrade your circuit box with new 20 Amp breakers.

Some projects we can help you with:  Recessed lighting, panel upgrades, florescent lights, Malibu lights, can lighting, dimmers, soffit lighting, GFCI’s, garage lighting, romex extensions, flex installation, rewiring, sub panels installed and more.

Electrical repair should not be a task that a home owner takes on by himself, call a professional today, call Shafran.


Your eating area is the most dynamic room of the house.  Are you happy with your current kitchen design? Are your cabinets sturdy ? Is it time for an upgrade?

Shafran Construction had been remodeling kitchens for over 20 years and we’ve developed strategic ways to create great looking kitchens for a fraction of the price.

Let us design your kitchen from scratch.  We are able to pass on our contractor’s pricing to you.  Demolish the old and install the new, kitchens today are very technical, we take pride in installing the most user friendly designs and concepts.


Cabinets:  Maple, Pine, Cherry wood or stained.  Elevated base or crown moldings, built in appliances, under cabinet lights, granite counter tops with Island, custom tile floors that match the keys on your counter tops, double and triple bull nose design, wood soffits and recessed lights.


Better safe than sorry, call Shafran today, we are here to help.




There is a wide range of patio designs that you can choose from:  Terrace slat patio covers with stamped concrete surfaces, Flagstone patio decks with Vinyl  posts and overhang or corbel wood overhangs with paver surfaces.

Patios are the most popular destination for your family to enjoy a nice backyard BBQ, Sunday breakfast or just a relaxing day after work.

Shafran Construction can create a custom patio for your residence, we specialize in enhancing the look of your backyard, talk to one of our professionals today and we’ll give you some great ideas about your up coming project.




Single pane windows are a thing of the past.  Let Shafran guide you through our extensive window knowledge and advise you as to which window shape and grade would best suit your home.


There are different types of windows:  Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum


Shafran Construction has installed over 8 thousand windows since the 1980’s, let us come out to your residence to give you a no obligation free estimate on your window project.






Are you looking to upgrade your doors?


Shafran Construction had a rich selection of designer doors.  Lots of doors to choose from with different texture and panel design.  There are solid core doors and hollow interior doors that we can help you install.


Doors:  Partial glass, 6 panel, 4 panel , 2 panel, solid, hollow, fire doors and more.


Doors and molding can definitely freshen up the look of your home.  Call Shafran today to schedule a free consultation to look into upgrading your doors.


Is the exterior of your home in need of maintenance?, are the wood fascia or eves affected with wood rot? is the stucco weathered and crumbling?. Dunn Edwards, a leading paint supplier advises that homes should be painted every three to seven years depending on:  How much direct sun a house gets, shifting and settling damage in the soils, water and moisture retention against the sub floors and weather conditions that can affect the house’s integrity.

The most important part of a quality paint job is the preparation work. At Shafran, we start off the project by pressure washing the exterior of the home (to remove dirt, debris and dust from the face of the house), we cover the circumference of the house with plastics, drops and mask up all the necessary areas , move all articles or items to an area with less foot traffic, remove all necessary electrical fixtures that are placed on exterior walls, prepare the wood by sanding it down with power grinders that house an electrical 36 grid sanding disk (this process exposes the wood work around the house structure), we then screw back old screws and hammer back old nails, we fill in all necessary gaps and cracks in the wood with silicone caulking and wood fillers, Shafran spot primes all necessary weathered areas, re stuccoes all damaged sections around the house and then paints wood, fascia and trim with at least 2 coats of a high grade paint. The job is finished off with a thorough cleanup process that evolves to leave the property like Shafran Construction was never there.

Interior Painting:

Shafran Construction also paints interiors, the same cover up and cleanup process applies to all projects.  Once all areas have been prepared for painting, Shafran examines that walls for holes, texture problems and gaps.  Shafran fixes drywall and plaster with:  Taping, Topping, Joint Compound or Smooth set powder.  Yellow tape is used to repair drywall cracks, gapes and holes.  PVA primer is a good interior primer to use on newly installed drywall.  The walls and ceilings get painted with a flat paint.  The base moldings, crown moldings, doors and windows get painted with a semi- gloss paint.  Kitchen and bathroom walls and ceilings are painted with a semi- gloss paint as well due to moisture content in the air.

Types of paint finishes:

There are four types of paint finishes:  Flat, which is the most popular for interior walls and ceilings + exterior walls and trim work.  Satin, is a finish that is with a little sheen, mostly used for trim work (interior and exterior). Egg Shale had a little more sheen than Satin and is also used mostly for (Interior and Exterior) trim work.  Semi – Gloss is used for (interior and exterior) trim, bathroom and kitchen walls and ceilings. Lastly, High Gloss is used for (interior and exterior) trim and metal work.

Sample Paints:

Shafran Construction understands that choosing paint colors is a difficult task and that is why Shafran gives our clients three free paint swatches to place on their walls before they choose a paint color. Before painting an entire structure, it is imperative that the client will be satisfied with the new color that they choose for the interior or exterior of their home.  Let us help you make the correct choice when it comes down to choosing a paint color.


Around the base of the house is where you so most of your cracks and gaps, but this is not your concrete slab or the stucco, the Footing sections of your home’s structure has cracked do to settling and shifting in the soil.  Shafran is very knowledgeable in the art of footing repair and retrofitting.  The Footing holds the skeletal framing in place, due to this fact, it’s imperative the footing around the parameter of the bearing wall structure is compressed, aligned and configured in a way that it can withstand all the structural support of the structure.







Cracks in the foundation of any house can lead to dreadful reconstruction and re building of structures around the property.  Most foundational pours around the house face maintenance issues. Foundational cracks are a sure sign of moisture in the soil.  Shafran can come out and inspect your concrete foundation issues and work on a cost effective resolution to repair civil grade and aggregate issues.








Most houses and structures face some type of stucco gaps, cracks or breaks.  Shafran has been repairing and re stuccoing homes for over 23 years, we can help you with you Stucco questions and concerns. 

Stucco is applied in three coats:  Scratch, Brown and Finish.  These coats are places on lathing paper and wire, the process to apply stucco should only be performed by a professional.  There are special hand tools that need to be used in order to create texture designs.

Scratch coat:  Is the first Stucco coat that is placed on the metal lathing and mesh wire.  This application needs time to dry, give surface about 7-10 days to cure.

Brown coat:  Is the second Stucco coat that is applied to a surface.  This coat is applied with thick mortar mix that is got a special mix of concrete, sand, water and aggregate, this coat is applied with a racking method.

Finish or Color coat:  This is the final Stucco coat that is applied to a surface.  The finish coat is applied with special Stucco tools and in a special artistic fashion.  This coat places the Stucco finish on the surface.

There are three main stream stucco finishes in the market today: Orange Peel (Gentle), Knockdown (Rough) and Smooth finish (Smooth and texture less).